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Official Website of the Aloha State
"Hawaii’s official website puts the design of all other state websites to absolute, soul-crushing shame."
-L. Rinaldi

Designed for mobile and built for touch, speech, and accessibility for all users, showcases the very best in web design thinking.

In 2013, Hawaii set a new standard for state websites by delivering the most striking changes and groundbreaking enhancements to a web portal in recent history. By combining analytics, customer service data, search results logs and usability testing, is data-informed and responds to citizen needs. combines unique, distinct connections between government, data sets and information, while being free for all to use, hack and build on to make new connections between Hawaiian citizens and their government. Highlighting Hawaii’s diversity, native culture, and the uniqueness of each island, also provides a Web experience that truly reflects the Aloha State.

In 2014, we upped the ante with another first of its kind:  the gamification of government. Instead of forcing citizens to search for what they need, our goal was to only highlight what is directly relevant to them through a personalized service called integrates with 7 of the 17 departments and includes a rich history of all business conducted online with the state.

mySavings, a service within, demonstrates the benefits to citizens of conducting their business with the government online by creating awareness around the amount of paper, miles and time saved. It even gives helpful, Hawaii-centric tips for what users can do with their newfound time! See it at:

In October, was honored to be named the best website in the nation by the Center for Digital Government, which recognizes the best of all government websites across the country. The awards program is the original and most respected state and local government website competition in the United States, honoring outstanding government portals and websites based on their innovations, functionality and efficiencies. has been the recipient of 17 awards since launch.


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