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Successful Partnerships

It’s easy for our partners to work with us because we’ve made it clear that we are looking out for their best interests and we work on solutions to their most painful problems, which makes us the best partner they’ve ever had. We offer public facing, easy-to-use, always-on internet services that interface with their systems no matter what they are. More than 90 agencies and divisions have partnered with us to provide online services to the citizens of Hawaii.

City and County of Honolulu
  • City Council
  • Police Department, Honolulu
  • Prosecutor’s Office, Honolulu
  • Public Defender, Oahu Office of the
  • WorkHawaii Division
County of Hawaii
  • Board of Water Supply
  • Finance, Department of
  • Motor Vehicles, Department of
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Police Department, Hawaii County
  • Property Tax Division
  • Prosecutors Office, Hawaii
  • Public Works, Department of
County of Maui
  • Motor Vehicles, Department of
  • Police Department, Maui
  • Prosecutor’s Office, Maui
  • Public Defender, Maui Office of the
County of Kauai
  • Finance, Department of
  • Motor Vehicles, Department of
  • Police Department, Kauai
  • Property Tax Division
  • Prosecutor’s Office, Kauai
Department of Accounting and General Services
  • State Procurement Office
Department of the Attorney General
  • Charity Resources Division
  • Child Support Enforcement Agency
  • Criminal Justice Data Center, Hawaii
  • Notary Public Office
Department of Budget and Finance
  • Unclaimed Property Division
  • Employees’ Retirement System
  • Employer Union Health Benefits Trust Fund
Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism
  • Business Development Support Division
  • Energy Office
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative
  • Hawaii Film Office
  • High Tech Development Corporation
  • Renewable Energy Branch
  • Strategic Industries Division
Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
  • Business Registration
  • Cable Television Division
  • Insurance Division
  • Professional & Vocational Licensing
  • Office of Administrative Hearings
  • Real Estate Branch
Department of Health
  • Clinical Licensing Branch
  • Health Status Monitoring, Office of
  • Waste Water Branch
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
  • Occupational Safety & Health Division
  • Research & Statistics Division
  • Unemployment Insurance Division
  • Workforce Development Division
Department of Land and Natural Resources
  • Aquatic Resources Division
  • Boating and Ocean Recreation Division
  • Bureau of Conveyances
  • Division of State Parks
  • Engineering Division
  • Forestry and Wildlife Division
  • Historical Preservation Division
  • Hunter Education Division
  • Land Division
  • Ocean Coastal and Conservation Land
  • State Parks
Department of Public Safety
  • Narcotics Enforcement Division
  • Sheriffs Division
Department of Taxation
Department of Transportation
  • Airports Division
  • Harbors Division
  • Traffic Records Coordinating Committee
Ethics Commission
Governor, Office of the
  • Boards & Commissions
Information Systems & Communications Division
Internal Revenue Service
Judiciary, Hawaii State
  • Traffic Violation Bureau
  • Land Court
  • Policy & Planning Department
  • Volunteer in Public Services
Lieutenant Governor, Office of the
Office of Information Management & Technology


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