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Project Funding Options

Self Funded Model

When working with HIC, in most cases, there is no upfront cost for development of a new online service to the state or local government agency we are working with. Development for these applications also does not require any general fund expenditures from the state.

We generate revenue through convenience fees that are added on to the online services we build. These fees can be passed to the fee payer or absorbed in part or whole by the partner.

This revenue allows us to re-invest a large portion back in to the infrastructure and our local employees required to build, manage, and enhance the state’s eGovernment initiatives. It also allows us to develop entirely free applications where appropriate. These types of applications generally have a high public value or dramatically enhance public safety.  Some examples include:  Hawaii sex offender search, unclaimed property search, and the state calendar for posting public meeting and events.

Time and Materials (Hourly Rates)

When transaction fees are not feasible we can still offer services with the hourly rates specified in our contract. In most cases, this funding model would be used when an agency wants to develop an online service that has an existing funding model (i.e. federal grants) or the service doesn’t generate any revenue but requires significant development and maintenance.


In certain scenarios, you may already have a service developed that only needs a server to be hosted on to continue providing service to the public. Please contact us for more information and pricing on how we can host your existing service.


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