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Getting Started

Hawaii state, county and federal government organizations can follow these simple steps to begin implementing efficient government services:

Step 1 Gather Your Team

Hawaii Information Consortium recommends a team approach to web site development. We will supply the necessary expertise to design, build, market, launch and maintain your online service on our side. On yours, we recommend the following roles for your planning team. One individual may have more than one role.  The number of people on the team is, of course, at your discretion.

  • Project leader
  • Policy maker / director
  • Technical / systems administrator
  • Public relations / government relations
  • Administrative / customer service

Step 2 Partner With HIC


Submit a project request or simply give us a call.  We’re ready to get started and answer any questions you may have about us and how we can help you.


After the initial call, we will schedule a meeting to go over the project and discuss it in more detail.

Project Initiation

You and Hawaii Information Consortium agree to the scope of the project and create a Statement of Work (SOW).


You, HIC, and our oversight board, the Access Hawaii Committee, will officially approve the project with a signed SOW. We will begin requirements gathering, work with you to develop a prototype, and following approval, development will begin. Once complete, both HIC and your agency will test the new service to make sure it meets your standards.

Step 3 Launch Your Service!


We will work on your behalf to create press releases, posters, mailings or other techniques to effectively market to your main audience.

Maintenance and Customer Service

We will continue to provide service maintenance and monitoring, as well as customer service support for the life of the service. In the future, if you have a need to introduce new functionality or upgrades to your service, we will work with you through some of the previous steps so that they can be implemented in the most efficient manner.


Let’s Get Started